Sidmouth kids are veg-ilantes

Growers produce bumper crop with gardening project

THESE hard working young gardeners from St John’s School, Sidmouth, enjoyed the fruits - and vegetables - of their labours after taking on a growing project.

Year Three pupils worked hard to produce a bumper crop that included strawberries, radishes, beetroot, carrots, shallots, spring onions, garlic and tomatoes- as well as six different herbs- all now ready to be transplanted home.

“The boys have worked industriously since early spring,” said St John’s deputy head Mike Burgess.

“I confidently predict that none of them will ever be hungry again!

“Gardening is a fabulous way for students to learn the relevance of what they do in other lessons. It combines maths, science, literacy skills, as well of course as hard work, patience, experimentation and cooperation.”

Pictured are Sandy Oldfield, Keiran Melluish, Alex Ford and Henry Williams showing some of their produce.