Sidmouth pupils could save �12,000 switching off lights

Sidmouth students learn importance of going green

SENIOR students at St John’s School, Sidmouth, have been learning about the importance of ‘going green’.

Having watched a Powerpoint presentation at senior assembly, with role playing help from some Year Seven students, they saw how just a little effort from everyone can make a big difference.

They were asked what could �12,000 buy and how could it be raised. The money would pay for a full class set of IPads, a new mini-bus for the school or new gym equipment.

It could be raised, they suggested, by winning the lottery, getting donations, having fewer teachers, increasing school fees or through the PTFA.

However, they learnt, it was easier than that. By turning off lights when not needed could save the school �12,000 a year, while turning off machines left on standby could save thousands more.