Sidmouth pupils enjoy hunting for Easter eggs

St John’s School, Sidmouth holds annual Easter Egg hunt for 1,000 chocolate treats

PUPILS from St John’s School,Sidmouth, held their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Mothering Sunday morning.

Headteacher Angela Parry-Davies and senior school students were woken at the crack of dawn to hide 1,000 eggs over the school grounds.

Curiously only 957 were eventually found.

Deputy head Mike Burgess said: “Maybe the Easter Bunny claimed a few back before the children were set free to find them!”

Or could it be that the mathematical anomaly was down to a few Year 10 boys, detailed to hide the eggs, who were looking decidedly queasy and unable to eat for the rest of the day?

Mr Burgess said: “The children spent a happy couple of hours foraging for eggs whilst mums and dads were treated to a barbecue on the patio overlooking the hunting grounds and the sea.”