Sidmouth pupils learn spirit of the Blitz

Filming of ration ads and radio broadcasts take place at St Nicholas Junior School

RATION adverts from World War Two, such as the famous Dig for Victory slogan, were filmed by Year Six pupils at a Woolbrook school on Monday.

Film-makers Brett Harvey and Ian Bucknole, with members of Rogue Theatre Company, have spent nearly two months in creative partnership with Real Ideas Organisation, bringing to life the war years for a two-hour project, Spirit of the Blitz, to be held at Sidmouth’s Radway Cinema on Friday, April 8.

Class teacher Rachel Sturdey has been encouraging pupils to focus on the way people kept up their spirits during the war years and some have interviewed local people, who lived through the Blitz, about their memories.

“There are 30 children involved and it is coming together really well. A lot of different people have been involved and it is really exciting,” said Rachel. “The children have written everything themselves.”

They have written ration adverts based on those produced during the war, propaganda broadcasts and skits which will be performed at the cinema from 12.30pm.

RIO project manager Dawn Melville said the social enterprise project included video clips of adverts, interviews with evacuees and radio broadcasts as well as a dance piece based on the jitterbug.

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She said: “It has been great, they are really receptive children and it is interesting subject matter for them.”

Pupils were keen to ensure what they did wouldn’t upset elderly residents, so looked at ways of celebrating peoples’ ability to keep their spirits up during the time of the Blitz.

The April performance will be free, with donations sought. The cinema plans to show an old Hollywood black and white film afterwards as part of the event.