Sidmouth school sees how their daffs grow

Daffodil costumes brighten up school visit to Byes bulb planting site

PUPILS from St Nicholas Junior School, Woolbrook, who planted native daffodil bulbs in The Byes, Sidmouth, last autumn, have been seeing the fruits of their labour.

Teacher Leah Stratton helped make daffodil hats and they visited the site to see that more than 50 of the bulbs had come into flower so far - a good number for their first year.

Sidmouth in Bloom member Terry Yorke said: “There are more to come and next year there should be many more to follow.”

The school’s planting venture was in conjunction with Sidmouth in Bloom and Sid Vale Association.

Bloom president Joy Seward said: “I had made a little daffodil dress and some hats and they looked so cute. They were all so excited.”

She will send photographs of the visit to South West Britain in Bloom who encouraged Joy to involve children and get them dressed up and doing things.