Sidmouth science pupils tackle growth research

Science experiment at St John’s School, Sidmouth, measures its tallest and shortest students

YEAR Four pupils from St John’s School, Sidmouth, Year 4 students have been studying the growth of the human body and, as part of their research, were tasked with finding the tallest and the shortest children in school.

Our picture shows Science teacher Mrs Chamberlain-Keen and students Elliot and Matt comparing the extremes!

Alex, two, the youngest pupil in the nursery, hit the heady heights of 95cm while Artur (15) from Year 10 proved more of a challenge, measuring 190cm.

Deputy head, Mike Burgess, said: “We had to carry out a detailed risk assessment prior to the students measuring Artur. “Our concerns were many including balancing on chairs, rarefied air and nosebleeds! In the end it was decided to measure him lying on the ground.

“One of the problems in growing the school to include senior students has been the range of furniture required to accommodate all shapes and sizes, fortunately, as you can see, we are now equipped to cater for all!”