Sidmouth student Scott’s exotic pet collection

Year 10 college student talks about exotic pets and caring for them to young Sidmouth science students

NATURALIST David Attenborough needs to look to his laurels.

Year 10 Sidmouth College student Scott Treloar has given a hands on second talk at the college, this time to Year Seven and Eight science students about his exotic pets, including a tarantula spider and rather large Everglade rat snake.

Scott, who also owns two piranhas, a whip-tail scorpion and other unusual pets, such as a giant millipede, made an impression on the younger pupils, who were asked to write about the experience.

One, Jean Maccourt from Year Seven, wrote: “It felt like a jungle in our classroom. Scott showed us some of his exotic pets and told us a little about how to take care of them.”

Tara Jones from Year Eight added: “I found him really interesting to listen to. Although I will not buy any of those animals, if I did I would definitely go to him for advice as he was confident with his pets and took really great care of them.”

Scott, 14, previously gave a presentation on Bugs, Beasts and Boas to more than 100 staff and students in the college library.