‘There’s No Place Like Home’ for Sidmouth kids

St Nicholas Junior School production delight

ADAPTED from the classic Wizard of Oz story, pupils of St Nicholas Junior School performed an exciting, new production There’s No Place Like Home.

Several Year Six teachers organised the unique production, which contained a wide range of entertainment, including singing, dancing, drumming and even football, writes Rufus Baker-Morris.

Skilful pupils attended after-school rehearsals for the colourful play for two months- and our photos show their work for the hour-long musical paid off.

The story was based on the end of The Wizard of Oz tale, where Dorothy tries to get home from her adventure.

The school changed the storyline to fit with their all singing, all dancing spectacular.

Free performances of the production were held on Wednesday, July 13, and Thursday, July 14, for parents of the talented pupils.