World War studies brought to life at Sidmouth College

Interactive History day brings World War Two studies to life for Year Nine Sidmouth College students

YEAR Nine students from Sidmouth College took part in an interactive History and Enterprise Day to bring their studies of World War Two to life.

The students worked in groups to research the impact of the war on the lives of ordinary people in Britain at the time, writes Charlie Lister.

The groups prepared presentations on topics which included food and rationing, clothing, entertainment, and government information and evacuees.

Some students cooked food such as egg-less fruitcake, while others created items of clothing. A few groups created a war-time information video, and one group even interviewed a ‘Blitz survivor’ – acted by white-haired Mr Wickins.

The presentations were judged by a panel who looked at historical accuracy, teamwork, presentation skills, originality and conclusions reached. The winning team was Kate Vine, Jasper Dommett, Anna Leggett, Jade Mortimer and Jonah Hitchens. Beth Burrough won the award for Enterprise Student of the Day.

Acting Principal Julie Capewell announced: “All winners will be given a free trip to London including a visit to the Imperial War Museum”, adding that it had been: “A very successful and enjoyable day.”