East Devon's first zero-emission hire car now on the road

Sidmouth's EcoWheel hire car company is now in operation

Sidmouth's EcoWheel hire car company is now in operation - Credit: EcoWheel

A company granted a private hire license for a zero-emission car for the first time in East Devon almost two years ago is finally on the road.
Not long after the business was given the green light to operate, the Covid pandemic hit, causing the launch to be delayed.
But now Sidmouth-based EcoWheel is ferrying around passengers in its climate-friendly vehicles.

Jeremy Woodward, local environmentalist and spokesperson for the company, said: “Our fully electric fleet of cars are cleaner, quieter, and safer than conventional vehicles.

“By making the choice to hire a fully-electric car, you are immediately making a statement about how you care about the environment.

“We source our electricity needs 90% from Britain’s greenest, renewable energy supplier.”
East Devon District Council’s licensing sub-committee approved an application by EcoWheel to operate an electrically propelled vehicle in September last year.
Jeremy added: “By making use of Eco Wheel’s fully-electric, chauffeur-driven cars, we can definitely do our bit to save the planet.
“As EcoWheel is all about carbon-emission-free transport, we can be absolutely sure that our journey is contributing to making Devon carbon-neutral – especially as the company tries to cover its own electricity needs from renewable green sources when on the road.
“Travelling using the latest automotive technologies gives the highest comfort and convenience – but it also ensures a safe and secure journey. Using our services is about more than travelling – it's a mindset for our sustainable future.”
For more information and to book a car visit https://ecowheelride.com/

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