Embargo dogbins! - Sidmouth councillor

THERE should be an embargo on providing dog bins, a town councillor has suggested.

THERE should be an embargo on providing dog bins, a town councillor has suggested.

Discussing a resident's request to put a dog bin at the entrance to Sid Meadow, at Sidmouth Town Council's monthly meeting on Monday, Councillor Anne Liverton said: "I think we should declare an embargo on any more bins. People should be responsible with their dogs. What they should do is take it home.

"There is a proliferation of dog bins which cost the taxpayer. There will never be enough. Everyone wants one."

"I think we should declare and embargo unless they [those requesting one] pay for it."

As well as buying the bin, it costs �150 a year for East Devon District Council to make three collections a week from each one.

Councillor Christine Drew added: "I do think we are going down a slippery slope. "We are here to provide a service to the town and need to look at things like this seriously."

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Councillor Mrs Sylvia Carr was concerned at the damage being caused in The Byes by EDDC's contractors when emptying the bins.

She said: "I have had three complaints in the last few weeks they are going on the grass. I don't think they should be down there."

An EDDC spokesman said the 3.5 tonne caged maroon van has always been used in the Sidmouth area by Sita.

He said: "This capacity is needed due to the volume of waste that is collected on the round [from both dog bins and some difficult-to-access domestic waste on certain days] and it would not be feasible to use a smaller van."

He said the operative tried to avoid grassed areas, adding: "There are times when it is unavoidable due to parked cars, Water Lane being the prime example in Sidmouth.