Entries invited to join charity art exhibition in Sidmouth

South West Art is appealing for entries for its Open 10 art competition, as it did in 2015. Ref shs

South West Art is appealing for entries for its Open 10 art competition, as it did in 2015. Ref shs 0749-40-15AW. Picture: Alex Walton - Credit: Archant

South West Art is inviting entries to take part in its charity exhibition.

Following its successful OPEN10 event in 2015, South West Art is calling on artists of all ages to showcase their work and raise money for Dogs For Good.

At their last exhibition two years ago, the gallery raised more than £3,000 for the charity which works to create partnerships between families living with disability, autism or dementia and specially trained assistance dogs.

During the exhibit, all work will be sold anonymously and unframed for £45.

Lynsey Pickwell, from the gallery, said: “This concept is designed to encourage the idea that the artwork be purchased and enjoyed purely on its aesthetics rather than the price, size and name of the artist, ensuring that no-one feel any pressure or embarrassment regardless of what they have created, but just enjoy the process.

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“Also that those coming to the exhibition should be just as likely to purchase a talented school pupils work as that of a professional artist.”

The anonymous gallery will feature work from well-known local artists including Soraya French, Stephen Brown RBA, Ray Balkwill SWAC, Robert Crisp, Neil Cox, Matthew Culmer, Hannah Twine, Favell Bevan-Arti, Rosemary MacFarlane and Debbie Coles.

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As well as entering anonymously, some of the painters have produced signed paintings in their recognised styles to raise money through seal bids.

Artists have until Saturday, October 14, to apply before the exhibition begins on October 20 to October 23 at South West Art, Old Fore Street, Sidmouth.

There is an entrance fee of £15 for adults and £5 for participants aged 14 and under. Each artist will receive a 12x12 support and youngsters will have a 10x10 space to showcase their work.

For more information call in at Old Fore Street, Sidmouth, telephone 01395 514717, or email info@southwestartmaterials.co.uk or online at www.southwestartmaterials.co.uk

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