Escot reg is among top UK gamekeepers

AN ESCOT man has been named among the country s best gamekeepers.

AN ESCOT man has been named among the country's best gamekeepers.

Escot estate tenant and farmer, turned -gamekeeper, Reg Hawkins notched a 'highly commended' third place in the 2009 Farmers Weekly/CLA Game Fair Gamekeeper of the Year Award last week.

Reg, who grew up on the Escot estate after his father was tenant farmer there, spent the last year taking on wild boar, beavers, water voles, music festival revellers, and thousands of visitors at the attraction.

"Reg's attitude to livestock and wildlife is first class, he cares for his surroundings and is a true champion of the countryside," said Escot owner John-Michael Kennaway.

Now a successful gamekeeper, Reg hasn't totally given up on farming and still keeps animals. He said: "My wife calls it play-farming.