Escot’s greenhouse trying to hit former glories

Re-glazing is set to take place on the greenhouse at Escot Park after restoration work has continued through the winter.

Repairs to the structural timberwork are now complete which brings the park’s second phase of the Greenhouse Restoration Project near to completion.

The re-glazing of the 100ft Victorian building in May will mark the half-way point of the programme to restore it to its original splendour, but there will still be two sections in need of repair before it is finished.

Escot’s general manager, Robin Savill, said: “This is a fine example of a Victorian Messenger’s greenhouse, originally designed to include a Peach House, Stove House and Vinery and it is so exciting to see it being restored to its former glory. Local company Build Care Plus has made a superb job of restoring the timberwork and it’s nice to know that future generations will now have the chance to appreciate this beautiful building.”