Red squirrels enjoy the signs of spring at Escot

A squirrel enjoying the daffodils at Escot

A squirrel enjoying the daffodils at Escot - Credit: Wildwood Escot

The five resident red squirrels at popular wildlife park Wildwood Escot, have been enjoying the famous first signs of spring, a bright carpet of happy daffodils, in their large woodland home.

Twiglet, Blossom and the other red squirrels are sure to get the most out of the flowers, as red squirrels also have an extraordinary sense of smell. This allows them to forage for nuts and seeds and to find food previously hidden underground in the wild. 

“Our red squirrels are so curious about anything new and they will investigate everything down to the last leaf, much to the joy of anyone observing them.” Said Becky Copland, squirrel keeper at Wildwood Escot. 

The charity recently welcomed two new female red squirrels, who will become a vital part of the park’s conservation breeding programme.

Their future kits will potentially be released into the wild with conservation partners across the UK, ensuring the survival of this iconic British species for future generations.. 

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