Euro 2012 booze warning in East Devon

POLICE in East Devon are warning football supporters of the dangers of excessive drinking during the forthcoming European Championships starting today.

The message from officers is enjoy the game, but know your limits to prevent ending match day in a cell.

Devon and Cornwall police said reports of alcohol-related violence and antisocial behaviour increased by almost 30 per cent on England match days during the 2010 World Cup.

Inspector Antonia Weeks said police anticipated a rise in incidents again this year.

She warned troublemakers would be punished and said: “Our policing priority is to make sure that this is an enjoyable tournament for everyone wherever they watch it and that those causing trouble are dealt with robustly. Anyone causing trouble or disorder during the Euros risks getting locked up and may be issued with a Football Banning Order which could see them banned from every football ground in England and Wales.”

Devon and Cornwall police said its preparations for the Euros were ‘well underway’ with officers working with licensees in a bid to make the tournament an enjoyable one.

They will be advising owners and managers about responsible drinking during the tournament.

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