‘Even little children know better than to litter’ at Sidmouth beauty spot

A tent and pizza boxes were among the litter found at Core Hill

A tent and pizza boxes were among the litter found at Core Hill - Credit: Archant

This ‘mindless and shameful’ littering shocked a mum-of-three trying to enjoy the outdoors with her children.

Bottles and cans found at Core Hill

Bottles and cans found at Core Hill - Credit: Archant

Sarah Fletcher was taking in the last of the bluebells on Core Hill with her family when they discovered discarded bottles, cans, the remains of a fire and even a tent.

She was left ‘baffled’ by the decision to litter the secluded spot and hopes at least one of the group thinks about the consequences of their actions.

“I’m all for enjoying the outdoors, making the most of the wonderful area we live in and teaching our children how to appreciate nature,” said the Byes Lane resident, who was out with her husband, children, aged seven and nine, and their dog.

“It saddens me when we come across mindless and shameful behaviour, such as we came across on Core Hill woods on Saturday morning.

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“It baffles me that a group of people can be organised enough to carry up a tent, find a nice secluded spot to pitch their tent, have a few laughs together over a fire, cook burgers, enjoy a pizza and a few drinks – and then think that it is acceptable to just leave all their rubbish behind, including the tent.

“What goes through their heads? Do they go through life expecting everyone to clear up after them like little children that know no better?

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“Actually, I think most children a fraction of their age would actually know better.”

She said she did not know the best way to shame those responsible, but at least her children would know it was no way to treat the environment, as they helped to clean it up. The family recycled the glass and cans and threw away the rubbish.

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