Ex policeman’s Sidmouth parking wrangle

Former town councillor David Ambrose, 73, says some vehicles regularly flout the two-hour maximum stay in the facility off Temple Street without punishment- often staying in situ all day.

A CONCERNED ex-policeman claims motorists are ‘getting away’ with breaking the rules at a Sidmouth car park - while residents like him pay more than �200 for permits.

Former town councillor David Ambrose, 73, says some vehicles regularly flout a two-hour maximum stay at the facility off Temple Street without punishment- and often stay in situ all day.

Mr Ambrose is one of 11 nearby residents who fork out cash every year for a reserved space there.

East Devon District Council (EDDC), which oversees the car park, told the Herald it had been unaware of any problem- but would look into the matter.

Mr Ambrose says he was further irked at having to wait weeks for a response from the council after penning a letter to its chief executive. He received correspondence from the authority’s head of environment last week.

Mr Ambrose said: “I have serious complaints regarding the lack of supervision that exists.

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“On occasions some vehicles have been parked from before 8am until after 6pm and until at least 1.15pm on others.

“I pay to have a reserved space at that car park, and there are ten other people who do the same. Why should we pay while others get away with it for free every day?

EDDC says Temple Street’s car park is a ‘low priority’ in terms of enforcement but is regularly patrolled.

A spokesperson said: “Typically, an enforcement officer will visit on at least six occasions in any week.

“To our knowledge no one has been given the privilege of an extended parking permission in this car park and we are not aware of any unwritten agreements.

“Our Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) have confirmed that they have not, to date, seen any vehicles repeatedly parked in contravention of the maximum stay in Temple Street car park when they have patrolled it.

“We can reassure Mr Ambrose that if a CEO does observe any contravention then they will follow usual procedures, which normally result in service of a penalty charge notice.”