Exeter cargo plane deemed 'beyond economical repair'

exeter airport

The Boeing 737 parked on the apron as the accident was ongoing. - Credit: AAIB.

An aircraft at Exeter Airport has been deemed 'beyond economical repair', after suffering a heavy landing. 

The Boeing 737 Western Airlines cargo plane was coming into land on January 19 when the aircraft became unstable after the point where crew had declared the approach stable. No one was injured.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB) published their findings today, (Thursday, May 19) and found the aircraft to have "extensive damage' and will never take to the skies again. 

The AAIB report said: "After the aircraft vacated the runway, it became apparent the aircraft was listing to the left. During the After Landing checks the co-pilot tried to select FLAPS UP, but they would not move.....As there was still brake accumulator pressure the crew were content to taxi the aircraft slowly the short distance onto Stand 10.

"Once on stand the listing became more obvious. It was then that the crew realised there was something 'seriously wrong' with the aircraft.

 "The commander may have given the co-pilot the benefit of doubt and believed she had the ability to correct an approach that became unstable in the final few hundred feet of the approach."

The AAIB added that, in future, only the commander of the operator's planes may conduct landings

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A link to the full aircraft report is on the AAIB website.