Expensive repair needed after water main collapse

A COSTLY and extensive repair is needed in Hillside Road, Sidmouth, after a large section of the main line water system collapsed.

The news follows a survey that was undertaken at the behest of county councillor Stuart Hughes.

“Due to the depth and the extent of the collapse, this is likely to be a very expensive repair and a detailed estimate for the works is being worked up which will then go to asset management to determine where this repair work sits in the list of drainage priority schemes,” he told the Herald.

Other work carried out after issues were raised by Councillor Hughes on behalf of residents in his Sidmouth/ Sidford ward include:

l Repair to a gully chamber on the B3176 which had fallen away from the side of the road.

“A new chamber is now in place which should be much stronger than the previous one,” he said.

l Jetting works to B3176 near Bulverton House in Bulverton Road.

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“The system has been cleaned including some important catch pits in the area. We have also conducted some CCTV investigations to understand the system better,” added Cllr Hughes.

l Jetting works have also taken place in Cotmaton Road where a blockage to the watercourse that runs under it has been cleared.