‘Extend Fore St delivery zone’

The loading bay in Fore Street is often full of parked cars

The loading bay in Fore Street is often full of parked cars - Credit: Archant

Seeing angry couriers and dangerous driving has led to one restaurant owner calling for the removal of seven parking spaces so deliveries can be made safely.

Pallet trucks sometimes block the pavement in Fore Street

Pallet trucks sometimes block the pavement in Fore Street - Credit: Archant

Steve Clarke has commented on Coffee #1’s application for Trumps - saying it is ‘constructive criticism’ to save pedestrians from being forced into the road.

The Rendezvous owner said bays in Fore Street are often blocked invalidly and argues that the delivery area should be extended down and properly policed by traffic wardens.

“Highways should have commented on the application,” said Mr Clarke.

“What I wrote wasn’t an objection – it was a constructive comment that we need somewhere to take deliveries.

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“Sometimes when they block the road you get cars reversing up the one-way street – it could cause an accident.”

There is no back entrance to Rendezvous or many other properties on its side of Fore Street – so if the loading dock is full, some drivers remain in the road until their delivery is made.

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There is a dropped kerb and a disabled crossing outside the restaurant, and Mr Clarke often sees pedestrians forced into the street to make way for pallet trucks.

Mr Clarke said the situation had made Trumps unviable for several large retailers and argued that Fore Street’s seven parking spaces should be removed so the loading area can be extended, with the two disabled bays moved outside Mountain Warehouse.

And he said it would need to be properly policed by traffic wardens.

Devon County Council did not comment on whether Mr Clarke’s ideas could be implemented, although Councillor Stuart Hughes said it would need a traffic regulation order.

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