Family’s upset as ‘vile’ thief takes ornament from nan’s grave in Sidbury cemetery

A picture of the rose that was taken from a grave at Sidbury Cemetery.

A picture of the rose that was taken from a grave at Sidbury Cemetery. - Credit: Archant

A family have blasted a ‘vile’ thief who took a metal rose ornament from their grandmother’s grave - and appealed for its return.

Kelly and Tasha Fowler visited Sidbury Cemetery on Monday to lay flowers in memory of their nan, Zandra Pugsley, to mark her Valentine’s Day birthday.

When they reached the grave, they discovered the sentimental decoration was gone.

The sisters have slammed the act as ‘unbelievable’ and ‘vile’ and said it is not the first time thieves have struck.

Kelly, who works at Sambati’s Cafe in High Street, said: “It’s just unbelievable to think that people are taking stuff off graves.”

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The family spoke to the Herald in 2014 after flowers were taken from the grave.

“Its not like people are stumbling upon it - you have to drive up to that cemetery, it’s right out of the way,” said Kelly.

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“My nan was always up there as we have a lot of family there. She would go round and tidy up other people’s graves. She found it a special place and liked to keep it tidy.”

The family had put the rose on the grave two years ago to mark what would have been their grandmother’s 70th birthday.

Just before Christmas, they had it re-sprayed black as it had begun to rust.

Tasha added: “I felt really annoyed and disappointed. I can’t understand why anyone would want to steal from a grave? It’s just beyond me.

“It’s just a really vile thing to do.”

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