Farmer’s top-notch abattoir earns him 2nd BBC show

A farmer is being featured on a second BBC show presented by Julia Bradbury after they were impressed with his abattoir.

John Coles, who is a fifth generation farmer, opened the abattoir 30 years ago, and after being chosen for ‘Kill it, Cook it, Eat it’, a programme showing people where their meat comes from, he’s been given the nod for a new show.

Starting this week and presented by Julia Bradbury from Countryfile, the new show, ‘Kill it, Cut it, Use it’, shows the processes which create consumer products from parts of animals.

Mr Coles, who will appear in Monday’s show, showed three girls from London the first stage of how their sheepskin boots are made, with the slaughter of livestock at his East Hill farm.

John believes he has been chosen because of the hygiene and welfare of the animals at his slaughterhouse, and also because there is a shortfall of abattoirs in the country.

He said he prides himself on being an abattoir for small farmers rather than for big supermarkets, as he is always a farmer first. Some of the meat he slaughters goes on for sale at meat markets in London

Mr Cole started it for use on his own livestock, which he then cuts and butchers for sale at the East Hill Pride Farm Shop at the top of Four Elms Hill near Newton Poppleford. There he also runs a ‘pick your own’ fruit business, while son Richard carries on the abattoir business.

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He is pleased to be able to show people where their meat, and now other products, come from, as he feels the link between the two is being lost with modern methods, and the show can help to keep the more traditional methods alive.

John’s episode of ‘Kill it, Cut it, Eat it’ will be on BBC3 at 9pm on Monday, June 19.