Fire service warns against stockpiling petrol at home


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Devon and Somerset Fire and Rescue Service are reminding the county's motorists of the rules on stockpiling reserves of fuel in containers at home.

The tweet on Monday (September 27) comes after the ongoing fuel crisis in the United Kingdom. The fire service are highlighting the possible dangers of stockpiling fuel at home.

The fire service's website goes on to say there are strict rules for storing flammable materials. You are legally allowed to store up to 30 litres without informing the Petroleum Enforcement Authority, but it must be kept in an outbuilding like a garage or shed.

It must also be kept in a steel jerry can or plastic container of 10, 20 or 30 litres in the home, but only filled halfway to allow the fumes to expand in hot weather. But you should only keep it for a couple of months, as it can go stale and clog up your engine. 

The RAC and AA advise people not to keep jerry cans of fuel in your car or house at all - unless absolutely necessary.

The current fuel shortage in the UK was first brought on by media reports of driver shortages with oil company British Petroleum (BP) with no other fuel company affected. Panic ensued with people starting to panic buy fuel causing a knock-on effect with other companies struggling to keep up with demand. 

George Eustice, Secretary for Transport, insists there is "plenty of fuel left" and urges people to "buy as they usually would". 

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The emergency services are also urging filling stations to prioritise, or even keep reserves behind for them as emergency service vehicles struggle to find fuel with most filling stations being empty. 

The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents 5,000 stations across the UK, reported yesterday that up to two thirds of outlets were empty with the rest running dry very soon. 

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