Fish can swim up the Otter with new pathway

A new path to help fish reach their spawning areas is being created at Head Weir by the Environment Agency.

The operations delivery team began work last week on a new fish pass on the river Otter, which will allow salmon and sea trout to migrate upstream.

The pass will create a route for fish to navigate through the weir more easily and reach spawning areas.

The agency say a healthy fish population is an indicator of a healthy river system and the pass will bring environmental and socio-economic benefits to the local and wider communities.

It will also contribute to the long term survival of these threatened species.

During the build they have built a temporary bypass for migrating fish, which is expected to last around 20 weeks.

It is funded through the Water Framework Directive, which requires the UK to have 43 per cent of it’s waters in ‘Good Ecological Status’ by 2015, something the Otter is currently failing to meet.