Flasher hunt after indecent exposure near Sidmouth

SHOCKED beachgoers called the police when a flasher indecently exposed himself at Weston Mouth near Sidmouth.

The offender stood on a cliff area at the remote resort and bared his genitals to onlookers at around 5.30pm last Thursday, May 24, says the constabulary.

Witnesses said the Caucasian male had a dark tan, was around 5ft 10in in height and had short dark hair.

He was described as being aged between 20 and 30 and was wearing dark coloured combat trousers and carrying a white t-shirt.

Police said anyone who witnesses a male acting indecently or exposing himself should call 999 immediately.

Anyone who knows the man, or saw the indent, has been urged to call oficers on 101, crime reference: KS/12/271.