‘Frustrating’ wait to fill in East Hill pothole

Pothole on East Hill.

Pothole on East Hill. - Credit: Archant

Residents have been left ‘unsatisfied’ and ‘frustrated’ after a three-month wait for a large pothole on East Hill to be filled in.

Concerns were raised back in late November after the large hole appeared on the busy road.

Ruud Janseon Venneboer, owner of Mazzard Farm, said it was not an ‘insignificant’ road as it was constantly used by residents, businesses and parents taking their children to school.

He said: “I simply fail to see how it can take this long to complete the repair, not least as things are getting worse by the day.

“It just needs doing. It seems you have to hassle and hassle and hassle. You cannot get past anymore; you could just about squeeze your car on the other side of the road.

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“It means you’re really slowing down to three miles an hour trying to help your suspension or tyres.”

He added a neighbour had put gravel in the gaps as a preventative measure and another had put a plastic bag near one of the holes to alert motorists to the sudden drop.

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A Devon County Council spokesman said: “Our highway maintenance contractor attended this site before Christmas, but a member of the public had already carried out an ‘unofficial’ repair and so no action was taken.

“This unofficial repair has slowly failed and following the latest report of a safety defect it will be dealt with in line with our policy for this category of road, which is within 28 working days.”

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