Alice launches new shop, hub and refill centre... all in one

Alice Bardwell and shop manager Tina Gregory at Full Circle

Alice Bardwell and shop manager Tina Gregory at Full Circle - Credit: Full Circle

Suffering a stroke at the age of 39 was an epiphany for Ottery woman Alice Bardwell.
Up until that terrifying moment she had been living life in overdrive.
On top of working as a marketing consultant for the likes of TV personality Anthea Turner and commuting to London twice a week, she was a mum to two small children and had opened her first shop, Fillfull in Mill Street.
In 2019, her world came crashing down when the stroke left her confused and unable to speak properly, or read and write.
But, after a two-year rehabilitation, Alice is now relaunching the old shop Fillfull as a cafe, work hub, meeting space, speciality food and refill outlet. The new venture, Full Circle, opened on September 6 and she and the team are delighted to be up and running.
Alice will also be selling products from another company she has recently launched, PitTastic which makes biodegradable natural deodorant bars, and visitors to the shop will be able to see the products being made.
The 41-year-old’s eco journey began when, (along with her previous partner), she opened Fillfull after watching David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series.
They decided to create an eco shopping and refill experience (also known as a zero waste or plastic free shop) to help the local community move a step closer to using less, wasting less and reusing more.
That was in 2018 and now a new and exciting journey is about to begin for Alice.
Continuing her mission to help the planet, the mumtrepreneur has pledged to serve, wherever possible, produce that can be sourced within a 25-mile radius of Ottery.

Neither will she be using take away coffee cups, instead offering free, or bought, reusable drinks containers.

She said: “We are using Littlestone Coffee Roasters who are based just 11 miles away from the shop. We will be serving their 'Signature’ blend in the cafe and also selling different blends of beans in the refill shop.”
Another driving force behind the venture is bringing people together and helping them to reconnect.
Alice said: “We have all been through so much in the past 18 months and I think it’s important that we have places where we can meet and support each other.
“As well as the cafe, there will be spaces where people can just drop in, chat, work and use our WiFi.
“I know so many people who have been struggling with their mental health through the pandemic and whose lives have been negatively affected.
“I’m trying to get people back together and connect again which I think is something we have all been craving for so long now.
“Long-term I’d like to be able to make the shop available, out of business hours, for other people, groups and organisations to use for teaching and making.”
Another unique aspect of the Full Circle experience will be the creation, on site, of Alice’s unique deodorants.
She said: “We’ll have a workshop and we’ll be selling our range from the shop as well.
“Many of us are conscious about what we eat and what toiletries we use but deodorant seemed to me to be one of those things that people didn’t really give much thought to when it comes to our off the shelf everyday products.
“My products are 100 percent natural, 100 percent plastic free and we even offer a vegan option.”
Alice and shop manager Tina Gregory are looking forward to seeing you now that they are open 9-5 Monday to Saturday. 

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