‘Futuristic’ Jurassic Coast event set for Sidmouth

Residents will glimpse future coastline at erosion exhibition

RESIDENTS and visitors to Sidmouth’s stretch of Jurassic Coast have been invited to learn more on how a crumbling coastline might affect them.

Specially commissioned computer-generated images will reveal what the town’s coast could look like in 20, 50 and 100 years time at a special event next month.

An exhibition at Kennaway House on Thursday, July 21, from 10am to 8pm will highlight the causes of coastal change.

Government funded ‘Pathfinder’ project surveys, looking at coastal change, suggest people want to know more about the issue and get more involved in decision making and coastline management, say Jurassic Coast experts.

They will also present ideas that communities themselves have come up with to adapt to change, following workshops as part of the project.

“We can’t afford to defend everywhere forever against the advancing sea, but we can widen the range of options open to communities to adapt to change,” said Rupert Lloyd, Pathfinder project manager.

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“The Jurassic Coast has been shaped by erosion and it is the reason the area enjoys World Heritage Site status.

“However, erosion also presents challenges and opportunities for communities that have made the coast their home.

“The exhibitions aim to give residents and visitors the chance to explore these issues and see how they are being tackled by the authorities and by communities themselves in various places along the Jurassic Coast.”

The Pathfinder project team will be on hand to help answer any questions about how the changing coast may affect individuals, communities or businesses.

Visitors to the exhibitions will be able to browse the information throughout the day or listen to presentations from the team at the times below. For more information contact Alexandria Potter of the Jurassic Coast Pathfinder team on (01305) 225515, or e-mail a.potter@dorsetcc.gov.uk.