General Election 2017 - Meet the candidates after your vote in East Devon

PUBLISHED: 11:53 02 June 2017 | UPDATED: 14:15 02 June 2017


Standing in the East Devon constituency for this year's General Election are Alison Eden (Liberal Democrat), Peter Faithfull (Independent), Brigitte Graham (UKIP), Jan Ross (Labour), Sir Hugo Swire (Conservative), Michael Val Davies (Independent), and Claire Wright (Independent).

Here, we publish information from the candidates about why you should vote for them.

Lib Dem General Election candidate for East Devon Alison Eden.Lib Dem General Election candidate for East Devon Alison Eden.

Alison Eden (Liberal Democrat)

I feel privileged to offer myself as Liberal Democrat candidate for East Devon at the coming General Election. We know difficult times lie ahead – for our country and local communities. We all want the best for our nation and that means avoiding the catastrophic rupture to our trading relations and our place in the world which a ‘hard’ Brexit would mean. This is why the Liberal Democrats are campaigning for your right to a final say on the details.

The NHS is in crisis. Only the Liberal Democrats have a plan to save the NHS and social care. We will save the NHS by putting a penny on income tax.


As MP I will advocate for and support residents with an equal passion regardless of political affiliation. Loyalty to constituents and my conscience will, for me, always come before party. Use this opportunity – vote Alison Eden for East Devon.

Watch Ms Eden speaking at a recent hustings in Exmouth:

Independent East Devon General Election candidate Peter Faithfull.Independent East Devon General Election candidate Peter Faithfull.

Peter Faithfull (Independent)

As a long-time resident in East Devon, I am standing as an independent disillusioned Conservative voter. For many years I have felt that the views of local people and their votes have been taken for granted. East Devon has long been regarded as a safe Conservative seat. I would like to show the Conservative Party that we are not a community to be taken for granted. While I consider my views and standpoint to be of a conservative (with a small ‘c’) nature, I struggle to see the connection between local rural community issues and national government policies. As an East Devon district councillor I have become much more aware of the burdens and responsibilities that local governments are being forced to take on and the lack of funding being provided.

As Member of Parliament I would stand independently, to represent the whole community of the East Devon constituency.

Watch Mr Faithfull speaking at a recent hustings in Exmouth:

Brigitte Graham (UKIP)

As the UKIP candidate for East Devon, I will bring an independent perspective to the role, because if elected I will be able to carry out the wishes of the local people who elected me, not having to follow any party whip.

UKIP General Election candidate for East Devon Brigitte Graham.UKIP General Election candidate for East Devon Brigitte Graham.

Houses should be built on brownfield sites, where the infrastructure is already in place and can support the larger communities before any more of our countryside is lost. Affordable housing for locals should be genuinely affordable.

Solar panels should be on roofs, not green fields, for example on the roofs of industrial and commercial buildings, and installed on new builds.

Hospitals should remain local, bed numbers maintained and ancillary services adequately staffed. Local democracy must override Government decisions, no railroading of local wishes to fill council coffers.

Labour General Election candidate for East Devon Jan Ross.Labour General Election candidate for East Devon Jan Ross.

Jan Ross (Labour)

It is vital for the UK that we secure a Labour Party win on June 8, or the chilly wind of austerity will continue to hit vulnerable individuals and families. The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn will invest in our important public services and ensure that housing, education, health and social care are at the heart of our political agenda.

We don’t want parents asked to fund their local schools and our highly-qualified teachers, doctors and nurses to leave their professions because they are so disillusioned.

The Tories acknowledged that many families are Just About Managing, but did little to alleviate their difficulties. Further cuts will force many more families into Not Managing At All, finding themselves in further debt. Jeremy Corbyn offers hope that the enormous wealth in this country could be more evenly distributed so that our children’s lives are not decided by the riches of a few.

Conservative General Election candidate for East Devon Sir Hugo Swire.Conservative General Election candidate for East Devon Sir Hugo Swire.

Sir Hugo Swire (Conservative)

My main concentration if re-elected would be to support the Government in its Brexit negotiations. The next five years are the most challenging that Britain has faced in my lifetime. Brexit will define us as a nation. It will define our place in the world, our economic security and our future prosperity. For that we need a clear plan and stable leadership. We also need to lock in the economic progress we have made already because a successful economy is the key to a successful nation; it means you can help those left behind, you can build better schools and hospitals, look after the elderly. Locally, we need to work closely with NHS providers as it moves towards a new model of care to cope with an ever increasing ageing population and to protect our beautiful environment by importing EU protections then tailoring them to fit our own special requirements.

Watch Sir Hugo speaking about the election:

Michael Val Davies (Independent)

I’m particularly interested in the health service - which is obviously in serious trouble, particularly the mental health arm of the health service - and education. The community college in Exmouth is an outstanding school, and it’s amazing how well it’s run considering how huge it is.

Independent General Election candidate for East Devon Michael Val Davies.Independent General Election candidate for East Devon Michael Val Davies.

Watch Mr Val Davies speaking at a recent hustings in Exmouth:

Claire Wright (Independent)

A local Independent councillor for the past eight years, I have just been re-elected to Devon County Council, with 3,638 votes and the biggest majority in Devon, for the second time running.

I work hard for local people on the issues they tell me are most important to them.

Independent General Election candidate for East Devon Claire Wright. Picture credit: Paula Fernley Photography.Independent General Election candidate for East Devon Claire Wright. Picture credit: Paula Fernley Photography.

I stood for the East Devon parliamentary seat in 2015 coming second with 24 per cent of the vote. My manifesto is based on thousands of conversations with East Devon residents since 2014.

As MP I would work cross-party with other MPs on specific issues to achieve my pledges.

My campaign has amazing energy! I have around 600 volunteers, we have raised almost £10,000 and the main tactical voting website – www.tactical2017 - has endorsed me as the main opposition to the Conservative candidate.

I really hope East Devon people will make history and put their faith in me on June 8.

Watch Ms Wright speaking at a recent hustings in Exmouth:

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