Geri Halliwell hails Sidmouth taxi after fog forces landing

ONE Sidmouth taxi driver will be the envy of Geri Halliwell fans after coming to the former Spice Girl s rescue on Friday, June 12.

ONE Sidmouth taxi driver will be the envy of Geri Halliwell fans after coming to the former Spice Girl's rescue on Friday, June 12.

Nina Peters of Sid Valley Cars, was called to take the singing star, her daughter Bluebell, three, and latest boyfriend; London socialite Henry Beckwith, to South Devon after fog forced their helicopter to land at Sidmouth.

The couple have been hitting the gossip mag headlines after getting together shortly after Geri broke off her Christmas engagement to mega-rich Italian Fabrizio Politi.

"She was quite nice, pretty chatty and her little girl and nanny was with them," said Nina, from Peaslands Road.

"They were fed up because they couldn't get any further in the helicopter and it takes longer to get there in a car."

She picked up the celebrity group from Peak House; where they landed on Tony and Marilyn Barlow's lawn, at around 2.30pm and arrived in Thurlstone at about 3.45pm.

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The journey cost around �70. Nina then had to get to her next job in Taunton to meet someone off a train.

"I've driven some quite high profile people, but none as famous as Geri. They (she and Henry) seem very fond of each other."

Nina said Bluebell, three, was restless during the drive.

"Henry wanted me to go down the next day to bring him back to collect his helicopter, but I had a pre-booked long-distance journey and he was going to use a local taxi," she added.

"He was very nice and polite."

As a former actress; under the name Nina Lawton, and stage manager, Nina wasn't fazed by her famous passengers.

"I didn't get her autograph. Having worked in theatre I was not quite as excited as others might be. She is not my era. I think she has done very well, she has been very successful in her solo career.

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