Giant red squirrel spotted at Escot Park

Cyril greets children at Escot Park’s Red Squirrel Day

VISITORS to Escot Park’s Red Squirrel day last Thursday were greeted by Cyril, the latest addition to Escot’s Red Squirrel family.

At around 6-feet tall, Cyril is not your average Red Squirrel, but then this was no average occasion.

More than 1,000 visitors enjoyed a beautiful sunny day at Escot, Ottery St Mary, to celebrate the park’s Year of the Red Squirrel.

Later this year, a major Red Squirrel project will take shape on the Escot Estate.

Apart from being told “plans have been laid” and “surprises are in store” beyond that, the people at Escot aren’t giving much away.

Those attending last week’s special event did not mind. Children went free for the day and families were encouraged to take part in the Red Squirrel Hunt, enjoy the Red Squirrel talks and they could even colour a red squirrel while their meal was being prepared in the Coach House Restaurant.

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Robin Savill, Escot’s general manager said: “The Red Squirrel project will offer an insight into the lives of Red Squirrels – allowing visitors to appreciate their beauty but also consider their plight.

“It’s great to see so many people joining us for Red Squirrel Day, the weather has been fantastic and Cyril seems to have got used to his new surroundings really quickly.”