Gig Club fun quiz night proves a ‘Terrific’ hit

The Sidmouth Gig Club team There's a T in team' that won the Fun Quiz (front row, left to right) Jo

The Sidmouth Gig Club team There's a T in team' that won the Fun Quiz (front row, left to right) Joel, Patrick Dickson, Josh and Sarah Green (Back row, left to right) Melinda Stagg, Kate Hind, Sarah MacCourt and Heather Foster. Picture SIDMOUTH GIG CLUB. - Credit: Archant

Last week’s Sidmouth Gig Club report centred on the gruelling race on the Tamar. This week it’s rather different, writes Nick Thompson.

The second Saturday of March saw the club stage a fun quiz night at the Port Royal with the letter ‘T’ as the theme.

Things started with a conventional general knowledge round. This was followed by tea-tasting, where the teams attempted to identify mystery teas.

A music round of bands and artists beginning with the letter T was followed by the serving of tacos and chilli with tiramisu for desert.

Then came the film round in which members of the social committee dressed in a variety of outfits related to films ranging from Tarzan to Toy Story.

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The final round involved constructing the tallest and most stable tower from an assortment of boxes, tins, canes etc. Some stood up to the hair dryer wind test better than others. Everyone had an enjoyable evening and the money raised will go towards club funds.

The social committee puts on a variety of both rowing and non-rowing events throughout the year to run alongside the more serious training rows and regattas.

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The club is looking forward to the 2019 season and welcomes new members.

To find out more about the club, search online for ‘Sidmouth Gig Club’ or email

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