Gig club request

SIDMOUTH Gig Club is asking the town council for help regarding buying and storing its gigs.

Club chairman Nigel Winchester has written to town clerk Trina Jarrett asking if the council would support members in a bid for Section 106 money to buy a wooden gig. The town council has already pledged �1,000 to the cause. A new boat costs around �20,000. While the club has already raised almost �10,000 through its own fundraising efforts, it would be grateful of a cash injection from the district council’s Section106 pot. He said: “I know that there’s money available for sports club, so am asking the town council for its help in getting some of that.”

He has also asked for permission to house its soon-to-arrive fibreglass gig at the former dinghy park at The Ham.

His letter states: “The club’s first gig should be arriving in the next two to three weeks but there is little room at the Port Royal Club to house the boat. We were wondering if we could store the gig where the boating pond was formerly sited.”

He suggests that a cage made of heras fencing could be built as security, and asks whether it would be possible to build something more substantial in the future to potentially house three gigs.

The council is due to discuss the requests at its Trustee meeting on Monday (July 12) at 6.30pm in Woolcombe House.