Green Close consultaion cash 'not wasted'- DCC

TAX payers cash, spent on consultations over an aborted takeover of Devon s care-homes, has not been wasted according to Devon County Council.

TAX payers' cash, spent on consultations over an aborted takeover of Devon's care-homes, "has not been wasted" according to Devon County Council.

The council said it could not reveal the total cost of scrapped plans to transfer all of the county's 24 residential homes, including Sidford's Green Close rehabilitation centre, to private company Shaw Healthcare.

Fear's still remain over the future of Sidford's highly-valued NHS centre after DCC decided to continue negotiations with Shaw on a smaller scale and to seek interest from other care-home providers.

A DCC spokesman said: "We simply do not break costs down in that way, so can't isolate specific figures."

"The consultation done so far with residents and their families has not been wasted at all. It will be used in full, alongside the feedback we get from other community representatives, to help us decide what provision of services there should be in future.

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