Guiding promises renewed at Sidmouth centenary party

Guides, Brownies, Rainbows and leaders gather in Sidmouth to mark 100 years of Guiding

GUIDES, Brownies, Rainbows and leaders from Sidmouth Guide District joined thousands across the country to mark the centenary of the Guiding movement.

At 8.10pm on October 20, more than 90 guiding members from Sidmouth - leaders from all Sidmouth packs, 1st Newton Poppleford Brownies, 2nd Sidford St Peters Brownies, 1st Sidmouth Brownies, 1st Sidmouth Guides and Sidford Rainbows, took part in a Vision party at Lawn Vista Guide HQ, Sidmouth.

Hundreds of similar parties took place around the UK at the same time, with girls re-making their promise at exactly 20.10, 2010, 2010.

Girls decorated gingerbread men and made personalised material bunting for the Sidmouth HQ as a permanent decorative reminder of the centenary celebration.

Nikki Peckham, Devon PR adviser and 2nd Sidford St Peters Brownie leader, said: “The event was a lovely way to end our very busy centenary and open the next 100 years of Guiding here in Sidmouth,” she said.

“Having so many Guiding members from the Sidmouth area take part in the historic moment felt very special. It proves how relevant Guiding still is to today girls and how popular it is here in Sidmouth.”

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She said it was especially important to the volunteer leaders who run the groups.

“We would love to start our next 100 years by opening a new Guide pack and finding more adult helpers for our Rainbow and Brownie packs.

“Guiding is a great way for adults to have fun, give something back to the community and make new friends.”

If you can help achieve this, call district commissioner Chris Chapman on (01395) 513278 for more information.

The Guiding Movement began in 1909 when a group of women gate-crashed the Boy Scout rally at Crystal Palace and lobbied Robert Baden-Powell for a girls’ organisation.

The first Devon Guide group opening in Exmouth in 1910 and Sidmouth soon followed suit.

Locally, girls have done community action for centenary challenges badges, taken part in Devon’s biggest Guide camp, a special Sidmouth Brownie holiday a zoo trip for Rainbows and staged a display about the history of Guiding in Sidmouth Museum.