H-app-y days: Sidmouth set to get own app to boost tourism

View of Sidmouth seafront. Picture: Alex Walton. Ref Sidmouth view 1

View of Sidmouth seafront. Picture: Alex Walton. Ref Sidmouth view 1 - Credit: Archant

Sidmouth’s web savvy citizens and visitors could soon be embracing new technology, as the resort has been allocated funds for its first dedicated tourism app.

Town councillors have pledged £2,000 from this year’s budget to go towards developing the scheme – which would give people access to information about Sidmouth via their mobile phone or tablet.

This could boost tourism by widening access to visitor information, and it is also hoped the software would bring benefits to businesses and residents.

The chairman of the council’s tourism committee, Councillor Simon Pollentine, said: “To have a dedicated tourism app will help not just with tourism, but would also be for businesses to use and advertise on.”

Initial responses from people in Sidmouth have been generally positive.

Cllr Pollentine said discussions have been held, but the tourism committee is yet to take the next step towards making the app a reality.

“It remains more than an aspiration, it is something we want to accomplish quickly,” he added.

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Business owner Helen Gray, 38, said: “I think an app which allows people to personally recommend places to eat, shop and go, and allows small business a platform to advertise can only be a good thing.”

She suggested it could also include a small write-up on local businesses as well as recommendations on things to do in Sidmouth with children.

Helen, who is joint owner of Copper Hill Farm Meats, added: “I think that Sidmouth actually is becoming a lot more internet aware.

“We often have our local customers, from both the older and younger generations, coming into the shop in response to a post put on Facebook or a Facebook recommendation.”

Sidmouth resident Shirley Sargent, 35, said she thinks the app is a ‘brilliant’ idea.

“We all use our phones to find places and reviews now,” she said.

“It would be good for local business people to advertise on as well.”

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