Hair-raising fundraiser at Sidford pub

Rising Sun regulars raise more than �500 for Devon Air Ambulance in hairy fundraising challenge

A spur-of-the-moment decision by Sidford regulars at The Rising Sun, to hold a hairy-themed fundraiser, has raised hundreds for Devon Air Ambulance.

While men grew beards, women agreed not to shave their legs. Each put in �20 but those who broke the rules paid �50.

Then regulars Stan Gage and Richard Bennett volunteered to have their heads shaved and with the sponsorship they raised, the cheque being handed to DAAT on Sunday will be for more than �500.

Hair stylist Leon Denning from Headliners, Sidmouth, gave the men Grade Three haircuts.

Landlady Ceri Ward, who forfeited �50 after succumbing to shaving her legs in the hot weather, said: “All the men kept their beards except Leon but only one lady kept her legs unshaven and the rest of us had to pay �50.

“It was a spur-of-the-moment thing and because a couple of regulars had experiences of Devon Air Ambulance we thought it was charity that could benefit from it.”