Halloween warning from police

POLICE are taking steps to ensure that Hallowe’en is a happy and safe time for everyone - young or old.

Officers have reminded those out to have spooky fun that not everyone wants a call at their home.

The force’s ‘Sorry... no trick or treat this Hallowe’en’ campaign encourages residents who do not want to be bothered by trick-or-treaters to place a poster on their front door or window.

Neighbourhood policing Inspector Paul Morgan said: “Hallowe’en activities are really popular and have grown immensely in recent years. For many people it is a fun event, where you get the chance to dress up and go out with friends.

“While not wishing to discourage any of that, we ask trick-or-treaters to consider that there are some people, particularly elderly and vulnerable, who get worried if strangers call at the door during the evening.

“We’re not here to ruin people’s fun but we would urge trick-or-treaters to be aware that some people do not want to be disturbed. We would ask people not to call at homes displaying this poster.”

You can download the poster from www.devon-cornwall.police.uk/halloween or cut it out from the Herald today.

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The constabulary has issued six top tips for young people at Hallowe’en:

? Always be accompanied by an adult;

? Only go to houses of people that you know and who are happy for you to call;

? Stay safe, keep to places that you know and are well lit. Do not take short cuts through gardens, alleyways or parks;

? Watch out for traffic - drivers might not see you;

? If you are wearing a mask make sure that you can see where you are going and are aware of your surroundings;

? Carry a torch and a fully charged mobile phone.

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