Heart disease killed goat breeder, says coroner

A VERDICT of natural causes has been recorded regarding the death of Sidmouth Angora goat breeder and shop owner Marjorie Jarvis.

Mrs Jarvis, 67, died at home on Saturday, July 31, recorded deputy coroner Darren Salter at County Hall, Exeter, today.

Dr Russell Delaney, who carried out the post mortem examination on August 5, said in his examination report, read out at the inquest, that Mrs Jarvis was found in bed at Pavers Farm. There were no signs of bruising or injury, and she was not under the influence of drink or drugs at the time of death.

PC Stephen Lee’s written statement said she had “fallen asleep and not woken up.” After visiting the house and speaking to relatives, he established the owner of Caprafiba, off Old Fore Street, Sidmouth, had gone to bed early on July 30. She had not been her usual self at a family barbecue.

Mr Jarvis stated that she had gone to bed at around 10pm, unusually tired, but not complaining of any aches or pains. When he headed to bed himself, around 11pm, as usual he had not bothered switching the light on and assumed she was asleep.

When he got up at 6.30am, he noticed she was lying on her side and thought she was sleeping. When he returned to the bedroom at 8.30am, she was lying still and he just thought she was sleeping on because she had been so tried.

At 9.30am, daughter Hanna expressed concern her mother was still asleep, as it was unusual for her, so Mr Jarvis went to check on her.

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“She was very still and when I touched her realised she was deceased,” he said.

Mr Salter was satisfied that Mrs Jarvis had died of natural causes, more specifically hypertensive and ischemic heart disease.