Help is needed to boost Beer Regatta committee

Barrel rolling as part of Beer Regatta Week. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref shb 1105-33-14AW. To order

Barrel rolling as part of Beer Regatta Week. Picture by Alex Walton. Ref shb 1105-33-14AW. To order your copy of this photograph go to and click on Photo Orders - Credit: Archant

New blood is being sought to join the ranks of the Beer Regatta committee for this year’s event.

Chairman Kate Boalch announced at the annual general meeting on Tuesday that she would be would be unavailable for the main event in August due to personal reasons.

Now in her tenth year, Mrs Boalch said that she is happy to continue organising the week-long regatta, but would be looking for a future replacement to step forward.

Mrs Boalch said: “I might want to give up in the future but I am not looking to leave at the moment.

“I am not going to be able to be running around that week.

“I can still do behind-the-scenes stuff, but I am wondering if somebody wants to stand [for chairman].”

Vivien Steer also appealed for regatta-goers to share their memories of last year’s event for the 2015 programme.

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Mrs Boalch called last year’s regatta a ‘tremendous success’ with new events, including the best-dressed beach hut, drawing in the crowds.

The Beer Regatta talk about Beer Quarry also proved popular with Beer Coastguard’s Pete Pritchard expressing an interest in continuing the event.

Sunday Funday drew in large crowds from the previous year - raising £521.90 in 2014 compared to £191.47 the previous year.

The week-long regatta made a net income of £2,336.

Mrs Boalch said: “We had a record with the raffle. We received extra money from the Dormers and the Anchor Inn gave us a donation.

“All in all it was very good and I am looking forward to this year.”

The committee announced that this year would be the last year that a helicopter would be attending the regatta, as it moves from Portland later this year.

The Sea King choppper has taken part in displays at the regatta for a decade, appearing alongside Sidmouth’s independent lifeboat, Exmouth RNLI and Beer Coastguard.

Residents interested in joining the committee should attend the next meeting in the Mariners Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, April 14.

Beer Regatta will run from August 8 - 15.