Hen takes up residence in councillor’s house

An Ottery animal-lover has a new feathery houseguest after a homeless hen has set up residence with her in Yonder Street.

Elli Pang, 72, took in ‘Gertie’ to live with her other chickens three weeks ago when a neighbour found her in their garden.

She explained: “They brought her over because they knew I had chickens and thought she might have got out.”

“She wasn’t one of mine but they were going on holiday so I agreed to take her in and try and find her owners.”

But Elli quickly realised she was not like her other hens, and didn’t want to live in the coup at the bottom of the garden.

She said: “When I came downstairs she was at the back door, obviously waiting to come inside the house.

“Since then she’s been coming in every day and following me around the kitchen.”

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Elli, who also has five cats, a rabbit, a guinea pig, and a sheep along with her cockerel and three other hens, said she has regularly found the newest member of her household helping herself to the fruit bowl.

But ‘Gertie’ has been paying her way since her arrival, in the form of eggs.

“So at least I’m getting some rent from her!” Elli added.

She said the hen has started going upstairs and visiting her in the study and poking her head into the bedrooms.

Elli said: “She was very surprised to find another hen in the bedroom when she stood in front of the mirror!”

The grandmother and town councillor says the hen is very domesticated, and is clearly somebody’s pet, and would hope to find her real owners and give her back.

If you know who ‘Gertie’ might belong to, then contact Elli on 01392 888503.

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