Herald launches Scam Busters bid

Tell us your experiences so we can warn others.

THE Sidmouth Herald has teamed up with the town’s neighbourhood police team and urged residents to turn Scam Busters as part of a regular new feature.

We want to hear from anyone targeted by criminal tricksters so readers can learn of fraudulent bids aimed at leaving innocent people out of pocket.

Tell us your experiences so we can warn others.

“This seems to be the crime of the moment,” said police Sergeant Andy Turner, who hopes the sharing of information through the Herald will help prevent residents falling victim to scams.

“We’re very polite around here. We have to be more confident saying no,” he said.

“We get a lot of people who contact us because they just want to warn others. Some people are parting with up to thousands of pounds, but many are reluctant to report it because they feel embarrassed.”

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PS Turner added: “Providing bank details is the common denominator in all these scams.

“If anyone feels they may have fallen victim, contact your bank straight away, then call the police.”

If you know of a scam you wish to warn others about, e-mail stefan.gordon@archant.co.uk or contact the Herald news desk on (01392) 888501.