Heritage project aims to protect Sid Valley sites

Daffodils out for the first time on Peak Hill after the planting of a million bulbs in the Sid valle

Daffodils out for the first time on Peak Hill after the planting of a million bulbs in the Sid valley by the SVA. Photo by Terry Ife. Ref shs 2455-10-14TI To order your copy of this photograph go to www.sidmouthherald.co.uk and click on myphotos24 - Credit: Archant

An exhibition showcasing iconic features of the Sid Valley which residents would like to see formally recognised will open next week – and people are invited along to give their feedback.

In February, the Sid Vale Association (SVA) appealed for suggested locations to add to a catalogue of sites that make the area special.

The group has since received scores of nominations, which will now be exhibited at Sidmouth Library before a final list is sent to conservation experts.

People will be able to view the nominations from Monday (June 15) until Saturday, June 27, and add suggestions for other areas they think should make the cut.

Sites that feature on the final list will be afforded extra protection, in addition to the existing Grade I and II listing system.

Planning officials would have to take a site’s inclusion on the list into account when deciding applications.

Jeremy Woodward, from the SVA’s history group, said examples of nominations included the parish boundary stones and the organ in Sidholme Hotel’s Music Room.

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He added: “This is an excellent example of what could be included in a list of local heritage assets.

“In other words, they need not be buildings but can be anything considered of value to the local heritage of the Sid Valley.

“So, even though the Sidholme Hotel’s Music Room has Grade II listing, the organ itself is not – and putting it on the local list would show we recognise its historical importance.”

Nominations can also be made online after June 27 at www.sidvaleassociation.org.uk

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