Hockey player win’s over-50 World Cup with England

A veteran Sidmouth hockey player helped England beat two old enemies to clinch the inaugural Masters World Cup.

Dale Mullins, 53, was part of the team who won the trophy in the over-50 category at the tournament in Canterbury last month, beating Germany 5-1 and Australia twice.

The finance director, who works in London, has been playing hockey all his life, and has remained very involved as he became eligible for ‘veteran’ teams.

Since turning 50 he has been playing regularly for England, winning both the Asian and European Cups, but said the side is very competitive.

“Every year you get another batch of former 49-year-olds who are now eligible to play so it’s tough to keep getting selected”, he said.

“A decade ago it was very much about who you knew to get in the team, but the selection is much more rigorous now and the whole approach is very professional.”

Dale, who grew up in Sidmouth and whose parents still live in the town, said he hopes the first Masters World Cup, held straight after the London Olympics, will help boost the popularity of the sport.