Demand for properties in Sidmouth is high as South West becomes more desirable

View across Sidmouth seafront

Detached properties in Sidmouth are selling well - Credit: Alex Walton

The funeral of Prince Philip last Saturday was undoubtedly a poignant affair. 
This became more obvious as the detail of how much time the Prince had put into the thought and preparation of the plans. The Queen must have been so touched by it all. Once again it made you proud to be British as you watched the attention to detail and the sheer quality of everything on show. The four singers in the choir were outstanding and everything ran like clockwork. Our monarch was on Wednesday, April 21 and our thoughts remain with her.
On to local matters. As a retired estate agent I still keep a close eye on the local property market. Recently the land registry has released the latest house prices of properties sold in the Sidmouth area up until early January. It is very noticeable that detached properties are selling really well and most seem to be snapped up within a few days of coming onto the market. With this demand they appear to be increasing in value swiftly. At the other end of the scale some retirement flats are still selling for considerably less money than they were a few years ago. An example of this is a flat in Temple Gardens which has recently sold for £105,000 that sold for £139,000 eight years ago. 
I will give you some examples of detached properties selling for good prices. This information is freely available on the internet on such websites as Rightmove and Zoopla. A detached bungalow in Higher Woolbrook Park has recently sold for £450,000 increasing in value by over £100,000 in under four years. A detached property in Cotlands sold for £760,000 that sold for £500,000 in 2008. A detached house in Malden Road has recently sold for £515,000, a detached house in Redwood Road has sold for £950,000 and a detached bungalow in Sidcliffe has recently sold for £770,000. All of these prices show that the demand for properties in Sidmouth is extremely high. I have noticed on local television reports that Sidmouth is not the only hotspot where this is happening. The demand from people moving to the South West continues to be high for both sales and lettings. Quite where this leaves local buyers is a question for another day.
On the Sidmouth commercial property front, a new shop is due to open in New Street according to a poster in the window. The business will be called Sidmouth Unwrapped and it is another new refill shop. We had none and now we’ll have two. Good news for those who are trying to use less plastic!
More great photos on social media this week of a pair of otters in The Byes. I have heard of several sightings which is very exciting for those lucky enough to see them.
I hope those able to get out and socialise last week enjoyed their drink or meal. It was certainly nippy in the evenings and the outside heaters at The Swan were most welcome! It is noticeable how many quality establishments haven’t bothered opening yet for various reasons. I cannot blame them but May 17 isn’t that far ahead now. 
I noticed how much busier the town was last week and the seafront on Saturday was very busy. We went into Exeter last Tuesday and that too was busy. It certainly is a changing landscape in the city with so many well known names no longer trading. A blast from the past were the old Colsons signs visible at the front of the former House of Fraser premises. Took me back to my childhood.
Finally, I wasn’t surprised to see Exeter Chiefs score 7 tries in their win against Wasps last Saturday. A definite rebound from their European exit. Bristol away today (April 23) will be a big test and a win would set them up nicely for the remainder of the season.

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