Your top property-related questions answered

House prices have nearly tripled over the last two decades.

If you are ready to put your property up for sale, then why wait? - Credit: Getty Images

The top 10 Devon and Cornwall locations to live in, the most viewed seaside property to buy, our most popular countryside hotspots - read some recent headlines. I love a top list as much as the next person so I thought this week I would create my own. My top three most asked questions (and answers).
My current top question: “The market still seems too frenzied, and I don’t want to move into rented, when should I put my property up for sale?” 

If you are ready to put your property up for sale, then why wait. The demand in the Southwest is still outstripping supply and whilst we are starting to see signs of this slowing there are lots of people in this situation. To boost the supply more properties need to come to the market and if a buyer really wants to buy your home they will be prepared to wait whilst you find your next property. 

“I am relocating and looking for a two-bedroom flat with parking for two cars and garden and seaside views and all for a small amount, do you have anything?”

The above is an example of course, and whilst there will always be pockets of reasonably priced property to purchase in the Southwest (many are sold through auction, so do check the auction house websites) buyers need to be realistic around their budget and what is available particularly if relocating from another area where you may get more for your money. Managing expectations of what is realistic and what types of property might be available. Prices have risen in the West Country as in many parts of the UK.
“Is my property (or land) right for auction?”

Each listing I make is carefully considered and best advice to clients is always given, if a private treaty sale is best then that is the route that I advise. On visiting a property, I will generally know within seconds if it's right for auction but that said taking the time out to plan a sale and getting the listing right can make a huge difference in sale price and speed of sale.

I always welcome questions, if you have any for me please do contact the Journal or myself directly.