Strong demand for properties continues into the new year

North Devon Council wants to buy housing to use as temporary accommodation. Picture for illustration

There is typically a rush in March/April time with people wanting to book in - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

A belated Happy New Year! I hope you managed to have an enjoyable festive break, I am aware that for some the festive and New Year period might not have been all that you had hoped – I know many of us were unable to carry out plans as we had hoped due to restrictions or isolating friends and families. So, it’s with a fresh start and high hopes we head into the New Year. 

It’s that time where many make New year’s resolutions and create plans for the year ahead. Perhaps plans for a lifestyle change or family choices – perhaps an engagement over Christmas, plans to marry and move in together or plans to retire and downsize. Has spending time away over the holidays helped you reflect on where you are and how you live? Or spending time with extended family prompted the drive to move closer? 

Looking ahead I know many are worried about the cost of living, report widely in the media. It’s a hard one not to think about, especially during these cold January days. Is a move to a more modern property or plans to improve your own property to support changes in the plan? If a move is on the cards, I can let you know buyer demand is still very strong in the South West – as the property industry continues to see this peak in registered buyers ready to move. 

As we continue through January and February many potential sellers are getting ready to put houses on the market ahead of the Spring. If you are looking to move, requesting an auction or market appraisal from your local agent now will allow them time to consider options ahead of others, where we typically see a rush in March/April time with people wanting to book in. 

I am also aware that this winter period may not be the happiest for all. If you have experienced the passing of a loved one and are handling the estate, you may have a mountain to climb to process all that is happening. If you need help or support with any property issues in the year ahead please do not hesitate to ask for help.