How much of Sidmouth’s fatberg has been removed so far?

The clean-up of the Sidmouth fat berg has started. shs 06 19TI 9456. Picture: Terry Ife

The clean-up of the Sidmouth fat berg has started. shs 06 19TI 9456. Picture: Terry Ife - Credit: Archant

South West Water release update on works to remove the 64 metre long fatberg.

Workers continue to chip away at Sidmouth’s ‘monster’ fatberg after removing more than 54,000 litres from a town sewer.

As of this morning, South West Water has loaded up four tankers’ worth of the excavated fat, with each trip carrying up to 3,000 gallons, or 13,600 litres, in a load.

The town attracted international attention when it was discovered that the sewer under the Esplanade had become home to a 64 metre long fatberg, made up of congealed fat and wet wipes.

Work was due to begin on February 4 but was halted after heavy rain raised the water level in the sewer, making it unsafe for the team.

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A South West Water (SWW) spokesman said the company was making good progress due to the recent spell of dry weather.

Samples of the fatberg have been sent for analysis at Exeter University.

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Advisers from SWW Love Your Loo campaign are available at Sidmouth Library between 10am to 2pm to meet members of the public.

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