Hungry snails eat East Devon mum’s letter

Snails ate Sarah Sanders' letter

Snails ate Sarah Sanders' letter - Credit: Archant

Snail mail was given a new meaning to an East Devon mum when an important letter arrived late and damaged – because it had been eaten by the hungry molluscs.

Shell-shocked Sarah Sanders was left waiting for the package to arrive, only to receive what was left of it accompanied by an apology from Royal Mail.

The ‘unusual tampering’ was blamed on snails – which love to creep into post boxes and feast on the glue on stamps and envelopes.

“Why can’t snails eat the tonnes of junk mail that comes through my letterbox?,” said Sarah, who runs Riverside Motors in Ottery St Mary.

“My reaction was disappointment, considering this is the first thing of importance that I have actually wanted to receive for some time.

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“After a mix-up at my daughter’s christening, a friend was returning something which was supposed to be sent to a friend of mine in South Africa.”

Sarah, who lives in Honiton, added: “I had thought it was strange that I hadn’t received it - and then received the envelope in a plastic bag and the letter from Royal Mail attached.”

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The letter was originally posted in Wellington, Somerset.

A Royal Mail Exeter representative told Sarah in its apology: “I am sorry that the enclosed letter has been damaged and subsequently delayed. The item was found during a scheduled collection from a posting box and had been damaged by snails.

“Unfortunately, despite regular cleaning and placing pellets in the boxes, we find that slugs and snails still occasionally manage to creep into the apertures, fall down into the box and start eating the glue/adhesive on the stamps and envelopes.

“I am sorry for any problems caused by this unusual ‘tampering’ – and while I am pleased to be able to return your letter, albeit in damaged condition, I regret the understandable annoyance caused.”

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